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Oct 2, 2019

The Fantasy Football Week 4 Market Report: Risers, Fallers, Waiver Wire and Injuries

The Wolf is back to recap all the crucial fantasy football takeaways from a busy Week 4. Find out all the Rest of Season Risers, Fallers, and get an early look at the Week 4 Waiver Wire now! Included are must-know takes like:

-Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler’s rest of season fantasy value

-What to do with struggling star WRs like Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins

- Who to sell high on immediately (cough Leonard Fournette)

- The Waiver Wire picks to prioritize in Week 5

And so much more.

Sep 24, 2019

The Wolf recaps all the Week 3 Fantasy Football Risers, Fallers, Waiver Wire candidates and Injuries you need to learn before moving onto Week 4.

Plus, ask any early Waiver, Trade, or Sit / Start Questions that are on your mind.

The Wolf covers it all, including:

- The new Daniel Jones-led Giants

- Mike Evans and Joe Mixon's 2019 arrivals

- Saquon Barkley's devastating injury

- All of the Week 3 Must Add Waiver Targets

Sep 19, 2019

Have you been riding the Lamar Jackson Cheat Code to a 2-0 start? Or have you angered the fantasy Gods and been punished to a 1-1 or even *gasp* 0-2 start? Regardless, now isn’t the time to celebrate nor panic. I’ve been 4-0 and watched teams crumble, and I’ve been 1-5 and won the whole thing. Keep those eyes forward, and dominate the present with our Week 3 Fantasy Football Rankings.

Hear my thoughts on the process, who I’m higher and lower on, and more. I’ll also keep a running “Updates Log” of the news on that you need to know heading into Week 3.

Be sure to tune into our Fantasy Sit / Start Show, this Sunday @ 11 AM EST Facebook Live.

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Sep 18, 2019

The Fantasy Football Monday Market Report: All of Week 2's Risers, Fallers, Injuries and Waiver Wire pickups you NEED to know!

Catching up on a crazy Week 2, where The Wolf breaks down the most meaningful fantasy football value changes after all of Sunday's action.

Find out the latest on guys like Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, Cam Newton, Emmanuel Sanders, and 15 more... all while getting a look at the Waiver Wire Pick Ups you NEED on your radar.

Sep 12, 2019

Whether you got off to a hot or sluggish start, a Week 2 win is necessary. Find out who The Wolf is higher and lower on this week with some matchup analysis, while he also takes viewers' early Sit / Start and Waiver Wire questions.

Do you have any early week Sit / Start questions? Hit me up on Twitter @RotoStreetWolf!

Tune into the live Fantasy Football Rankings rundown every Tuesday night at 5PM EST on Facebook Live:

Sep 11, 2019

The Fantasy Football Market Report (Week 1): Risers, Fallers, Injuries & Sleepers

Week 1 is always THE most important week, as it confirms or changes our outlook on every single player.

Find out who rose and fell in The Wolf's Season Long Fantasy Football Rankings now! Plus, catch up on all the latest injuries and who to check for in the Waiver Wire.

We breakdown crucial Week 1 storylines, including:

- Lamar Jackson and the entire Ravens Explosion

- Sammy Watkins Mammoth Day

- Dak Prescott and the revamped Cowboys passing game under Kellen Moore

- Austin Ekeler's monster day and his season-long value

- Evan Engram's target-vacuum status

Plus, which Sleepers do you need to prioritize for Week 2?

Who fell on The Wolf's board and why?

This is a jam packed hour that can't be missed for fantasy football.

Sep 3, 2019

After crafting some fire Bold Predictions before Training Camp began, Sami of The Draft Room Pod (@DraftRoomPod) returns to revisit and renew the flames. But first, he and The Wolf break down the recent news LeSean McCoy has been released. What does this mean for Devin Singletary, Frank Gore, and ideal McCoy landing spots to resurrect his value. 

Then, he and The Wolf look back at their previous bold predictions, adding evidence that either confirms or changes the outlook. Hear their thoughts on Kyler Murray, Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins, Le’Veon Bell, Chris Godwin and so many more. 

Then, the boys make 10 bold predictions -- 1 for each position, and a Hail Mary at the end. Find out their revamped Bold Takes, including:

- Sam Darnold Wentzian Sophomore potential

Deshaun Watson’s No.1 QB upside

- Matt Breida’s shot at 1200 yards and unseating Tevin Coleman

- Devin Singletary’s potential to be a Top-24 RB

- Tyler Lockett’s Top-7 WR Upside

- Mike Evans and Chris Godwin both finishing as WR1s

- Zach Ertz’s fall from the Top-Three, and who will join instead (hint: NOT OJ Howard)

- TJ Hockenson’s shot at a huge Rookie Year impact.

This is must-listen material on many under-the-radar players as you head into 2019 Drafts and the season. Tune in now!

Sep 2, 2019

These two positions aren't the flashiest of the bunch. However, if you can find the 2019 Patrick Mahomes or the next George Kittle, it's a position that can transcend your lineup and turn your team into a championship contender.

The RSJ boys came together to address some of the most “Burning Questions” at the two positions. They debate who will be the undervalued league winners at each spot, which sleepers could change your season, and much, much more.

Tune in and dominate the rest of your leaguemates at these two positions that can change your entire fantasy future in 2019.

Aug 31, 2019

After letting Andrew Luck’s retirement settle-in, The Wolf hosts Joe Hopkins, Indy Native & Colts Blue Zone Podcast produce, to pick up the fantasy pieces. Joe also has some questions preparing for his 2019 Fantasy Football hometown draft, leading to some excellent fantasy chat.

In the process, we cover:

-Who is Jacoby Brissett, and does he bring any fantasy upside?

-What can we expect from TY Hilton without Luck, and could it be better this time around?

-What two stats should leave owners excited, and then also nervous, about Marlon Mack?

-Are either Eric Ebron or Jack Doyle fantasy viable? 

-Who’s the No.2 WR here, and what are the outlooks of Devin Funchess, Parris Campbell, and Deon Cain? 


Plus, in his fantasy inquisition, Joe unpacks the following with The Wolf:

-James Conner vs. Joe Mixon as the ideal late-first RB

- Chris Carson vs. David Montgomery vs. Kerryon Johnson in the third?

- CJ Anderson’s sneaky appeal

-Handcuffs worth owning, and where to take the big names like Tony Pollard, Darwin Thompson, and Alex Mattison

-Tyler Lockett vs Chris Godwin for Breakout WR of 2019

-Tight End previews of OJ Howard, Hunter Henry, Jared Cook and Vance McDonald


This is can’t-miss audio for fantasy and Colts fans alike!

Aug 30, 2019

The Wolf welcomes on Pete Davidson (@Rotobahn), founder of and host of WEEI Boston Sports Radio’s Fantasy Football show. After hosting many great “advanced analytical” minds, Davidson brings an entirely different, “film-based” approach. Due to previous work as a professional scout, Pete is a master at evaluating players’ abilities and how they fit into different offensive schemes and with their teammates. Though this may be one of our longest pods ever, it’s completely jam-packed with equal amounts of player reports and different fantasy strategies that can’t be missed, including:

  • How to blend both film and analytics to create the ideal player evaluations
  • Just how athletic is Evan Engram, and why is he set to finally hit his ceiling
  • Is the Curtis Samuel hype train warranted? Why could he have a Tyreek Hill type of breakout?
  • Even before Lamar Miller was gone… what makes Duke Johnson such a fantastic fit with the Texans, and how could Deshaun Watson grow as a passer?
  • Why Nick Chubb is 6th overall on Pete’s board, and why he feels Kareem Hunt won’t ruin this prime set-up
  • Should Miles Sanders or David Montgomery be taken first, and who’s ceiling is ultimately higher?
  • What does Pete see in Royce Freeman that makes him nearly 50 spots higher than his ADP?
  • How to approach the QB position, and why Matt Ryan may be lower on Pete’s ranks even if he’s set up for a great season

Plus, as always, we run Pete through the “No Huddle” offense and find out who he’d take at No.1 overall, his feelings on Todd Gurley, the biggest bargains and busts in fantasy for 2019, and this year’s late round pick that could win leagues.

This was one of my favorite recordings ever, and I hope you guys enjoy Pete’s in-depth takes as much as me.

Aug 29, 2019

The Wolf goes through all the Fantasy Football Risers, Fallers, and new Penny Stock Sleepers who emerged from Preseason Week 3, also known as "The Dress Rehearsal." Considering Andrew Luck retired and Lamar Miller tore his ACL all in one night, this is as important as they come.

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Aug 27, 2019

Ian Hartitz, newly of Rotoworld and formerly of Fantasy Labs, is our third Fantasy Wolf of 2019.

Find out how he entered the fantasy arena and rose through the ranks, and how he gains his edge. Then, the boys share their love for a trio of explosive and underpriced WRs in Will Fuller, Tyler Lockett, and Curtis Samuel, and why all three could be season-winners at  their respective prices. Then, we get a little debate going over Jared Cook (Wolf Higher), Allen Robinson (Ian Higher), and David Montgomery (Wolf Higher), before running Hartitz through the “No-Huddle.” Find out who he’d take first overall, who he considers the best breakouts and busts at each position, the next elite TE, and possibly the two funniest last place punishments The Wolf has ever heard.

Aug 24, 2019

If you know anything about the Roto Street Journal, no position is more important for fantasy football than running backs. But a solid and deep wide receiver core is key to taking home a championship.

But WRs are also the deepest position this season. Which is why it's not only important to know the Alpha WR1s, but it's also crucial to know the Penny Stocks and late-round dart throws who could win you your league.

Tune in now and get primed up on the most important position to winning that title.

*Be sure to check out Episode 98 to listen to our RSJ Staff WR Roundtable

Aug 23, 2019

No position is deeper for fantasy football than the wide receiver position. An alpha WR1 and a bevy of target hogs will help ascend your workhorse-laden team into a championship contender.

The RSJ boys came together to address some of the most “Burning Questions” at the position. Who's your No. 1 wideout? Who belongs at the top of the most difficult tiers to sort? And what late round sleepers could win titles? 

Tune in and dominate the rest of your leaguemates at this deep position.

Aug 22, 2019

Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) of The QuantEdge joins The Wolf for another can’t-miss fantasy football advice interview. Crist and the TQE are constantly unveiling new stats to help fantasy gamers gain an edge, and he shares some of the most important stats and fantasy football strategies he uses to gain an edge. 

Then, we discuss our love for Chris Carson and Julian Edelman, and why we’d both take them a round or two higher than their current prices. Plus, we share why we’re both fading Kenny Golladay in 2019. 

Then, Eliot and The Wolf engage in some debates over Damien Williams (Crist is higher), Allen Robinson (Crist is higher), and Todd Gurley (Wolf is higher). 

We then run Eliot through the “Fantasy Football No Huddle,” where he gives you his rapid-fire takes on crucial questions such as:

- Who Eliot would take at No.1 overall? 

- Who are his biggest bargains and busts for 2019? 

- How he’s approaching the holdout RBs?

- What three players could be this year’s late-round exploder? 

Find out all this in a jam-packed 30 minutes now! 

Aug 21, 2019

The Fantasy Football Monday Market Report is LIVE, every Monday at 7:00 PM EST (on Facebook Live) to capture all the week’s risers, fallers, and emerging “Penny Stock” sleepers.

Our second-ever Fantasy Football Preseason Market Check is back!

The Wolf will tell you all the Risers, Fallers, and new Sleepers you need to know after a CRAZY second week of the preseason.

From Josh Gordon, to Curtis Samuel, to Darwin Thompson, we've got every single player you need to know about.


Aug 19, 2019

PFF Senior Writer Scott Barrett, aka the “proprietor of the dank stats,” joins the Fantasy Fullback Dive for a fantastic Fantasy Wolves Advice session. 

First, the boys sing the praises of Tyler Lockett, Austin Ekeler, and Vance McDonald together, before moving into debates that include:

- Jared Goff vs. Lamar Jackson

David Montgomery vs. Josh Jacobs & Miles Sanders as the top-rookie RB

- Sammy Watkins vs. Christian Kirk

- Former LSU RBs Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice’s 2019 outlook.

We wrap up by running Barrett through our “Fantasy No Huddle” where he rapid-fires through 2019’s crucial questions. 

- Who would Scott take at No.1 overall? 

- What’s his take on Todd Gurley? 

- Who are his biggest bargains and busts for 2019? 

- What one player could be this year’s late-round exploder? 

- Worst punishment he’s ever had?

And so much more. This is a can’t miss interview for anyone craving a statistical fantasy football edge in 2019! 

Aug 15, 2019

No position is more important for fantasy football than running backs -- a stable of three down workhorses is often the key to the championship.

But RBs are also the most volatile and tough to project position. That’s why we open our Position Previews with the horses. First, The Wolf does a solo “Rankings Rundown” of his Top-50 RBs (live every Weds @ 6:30EST on Facebook). Find out how he tiers and ranks his RBs, and where he would approach each in his in-depth breakdown. 

Then, the RSJ boys come together to address some of the most “Burning Questions” at the positon. Who should go 1 overall? To Gurley or Not To Gurley? How should you approach the holdout megastars? Who belongs at the top of the most difficult tiers to sort? And what late round sleepers could win titles? 

Tune in now and get primed up on the most important position to winning that title.

Aug 13, 2019

The Fantasy Football Monday Market Report is LIVE, every Monday at 7:00 PM EST to capture all the week’s risers, fallers, and emerging “Penny Stock” sleepers.

The Wolf will cover all the important news, including Duke Johnson’s trade to the Texans, the mystery of Antonio Brown, and Jerick McKinnon’s injury, before moving on to all of Week 1’s Preseason Action. Learn about the players who gained and lost value, and those who’ve come out of nowhere, including:

-David Montgomery’s strong NFL debut

-The Chargers backfield in Melvin Gordon’s absence

-The Browns and Bucs Offenses under new head coaches 

-Kyler Murray’s first NFL action

-Latavius Murray’s encouraging fit with the Saints

-Damien Williams concerning committee role

-Dante Pettis’ sliding value 

-Keke Coutee’s latest ankle injury

Plus plenty of “Penny Stock” sleepers including Tony Pollard, Jamison Crowder, Devin Singletary, Darwin Thompson, Preston Williams, James Washington, Jaylen Samuels and the impressive 49ers Rookies (Deebo Samuels and Jaylen Hurd).

This is another jam-packed episode that’ll keep you on top of the busy Preseason. Get your crash course on these 20+ players now!

Aug 12, 2019

On the eve of Preseason Action kicking off, The Wolf covers all the players who have seen their fantasy football value rise, fall, or have gotten hurt. Find out who's making major moves - for better or worse - in the Fantasy Football Rankings. This extensive breakdown includes analysis on OVER 20 players, including:


-Kerryon Johnson’s receiving upside with Theo Riddick removed

-How Todd Gurley looks in early camp

-Why Dede Westrbook, Curtis Samuel, DeSean Jackson are now all high-upside WR3s you can get for cheap

-What makes Royce Freeman, Kalen Ballage, KeeSean Johnson, John Brown viable “Penny Stocks”?


-Ezekiel Elliott’s current value amidst his holdout

-Phillip Lindsay’s status in a more crowded Broncos Backfield mess

-AJ Green’s paper-mache body and where to draft him now

-Kenyan Drake’s murkier outlook… but why upside still exists

-The laughable Giants WRs corps after Golden Tate’s four-game suspension

-Early Rookie WRs outlooks for N’Keal Harry, Andy Isabella, and Hakeem Butler (and the sleepers who may outperform them)


-The latest on Andrew Luck’s calf and why this is a concern

-Antonio Brown’s feet and where to take him

-Why Damien Williams hamstring could be a bigger deal than we’d hope

-If Derrick Henry’s walking boot should concern you at all

-What Sterling Shepard’s thumb injury means

Plus, The Wolf answered live questions throughout in an open Mail Bag format. Clearly, this episode did not mess around, with as much packed into an hour as humanly possible. Tune-in as a pregame to tonight’s Preseason Kickoff and get all caught up on the Summer’s Fantasy Risers and Fallers now!

*Note* Lamar Miller was traded the day after this was recorded. Disregard any positive praise I gave that slug

Aug 2, 2019

Fantasy Football is a stock market (hence our “RSJ” name), and The Wolf and Truth are here to bring you the biggest Risers and Fallers from a wild 2019 Offseason. Find out the nominees for Offseason MVPs (Risers) and LVPs (Fallers), and who ultimately took home the hardware for gaining or losing the most fantasy value. Plus, we discuss Theo Riddick’s release and the huge fantasy implications this has for Kerryon Johnson.

In a jam-packed episode, you’ll hear:

- Why Carson Wentz, Josh Allen, and Jameis Winston all rose in fantasy… but couldn’t beat out who? 

- Despite gaining tons of fantasy value, Dalvin Cook, Marlon Mack, Damien Williams and Devonta Freeman still didn’t rise as high as...?

- Chris Godwin, Odell Beckham, Dede Westbrook, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling all skyrocketed in the fantasy rankings, but not quite as high as which two WR Co-MVPs?

- Evan Engram and Vance McDonald’s fantasy outlooks improved dramatically this offseason, but not as much as...? 

- Which two future HOF QBs are no longer quite as sexy in fantasy

- Who lost even more value than Derrius Guice and the 49ers RBs this offseason?

- Which WR fell harder than Golden Tate and Antonio Brown

- Which TE Breakout from 2018 is due for serious regression?

Find all these crucial answers out and more as Training Camps continue heating up! 


Jul 30, 2019

Adam Schefter (yes, the real ESPN one) joined the Fantasy Fullback Dive to preview some of Training Camp’s most important Fantasy Football Storylines. We tapped into “the NFL’s most connected man” and his all-reaching access to get the latest on: 

- Melvin Gordon’s holdout and how the backfield would unfold if he does miss time

- Todd Gurley’s knee, and Sean McVay’s feelings toward Darrell Henderson

- The Air Raid offense and his expectations for Kyler Murray & Kliff Kingsbury in Year One

- Tom Brady’s contract and if his first ever “contract year” will impact him in 2019

- If medically-cleared Jay Ajayi is getting any calls yet

Plus, we run Schefter through our “No-Huddle” offense to find out who he’d take No.1 overall, Fantasy’s Top-WR, the next big TE, and his favorite breakout candidates. Most importantly, we dig into Adam’s odd sleeping habits, and discover if he and the other ESPN Insiders ever make fantasy moves before they actually break the news. 

Between the highest-possible intel, to some entertaining stories, Schefter’s interview was amazing, can’t miss audio. 

Jul 26, 2019

Everyone loves a bargain, and no discount feels better than getting the right fantasy guy, at the right price, over your sheep leaguemates. Thus, The Wolf and Truth are here with the 10 Best Fantasy Football Bargains entering training camp. These are the guys we think will bring far more value than the price you’ll pay, helping your team dominate in 2019. Before, we cover the latest on Melvin Gordon’s holdout and Tyreek Hill’s status.

While loading up your 2019 Fantasy Football Bargain list, you’ll hear:

  • Why Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde are both insane values
  • How Derrick Henry is primed to explode as the highest-upside RB2
  • Why Philip Lindsay, David Montgomery, and Chris Carson make amazing picks in Rounds 4 and even 5
  • How the Air Raid offense will turn around the Cardinals around, and Kyler Murray, Christian Kirk, and Larry Fitzgerald will all thrive
  • Why Latavius Murray and Jared Cook come with huge ceilings with the Saints
  • The true ceiling of Darrell Henderson, and why you must take him in Round 7

This is a jam-packed episode filled with all the names that’ll make you a genius come draft day, so don’t miss out!

Jul 26, 2019

The Roto Street Journal guys get together for the first fantasy round table of the season.  They talk about Melvin Gordon, Aaron Jones, the Texans backfield (and some others), Kyler Murray and the Air Raid offense, and a lot more.


Jul 11, 2019

Three new Offensive Coordinators are going hugely under the radar because they’re on “unsexy” teams (DEN, BAL, DAL), but the Fantasy Football implications could be huge. Thus, The Wolf and Truth return to break down what new schemes Rich Scangarello, Kellen Moore, and Greg Roman will be bringing to the Broncos, Cowboys, and Ravens respectively. Plus, Tyreek Hill may only miss “a maximum of 4 games,” which is ENORMOUS for fantasy.

- What will the next “Shanahan” scheme look like, and what does it mean for Philip Lindsay and Noah Fant

- How could Kellen Moore invigorate the Cowboys, especially Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

- What does Greg Roman and his run-heavy offense mean for Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson

- Plus first, we cover the recent Tyreek Hill suspension updates, and what a shorter absence means for his own value plus Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman.

This is the type of content few others cover, so don’t miss the invaluable nuggets that could change your fantasy season.

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